Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get Low

It is blatantly apparent that since about Pre-Fall '10, hemlines have been droppin' like it's hot. This didn't totally shock me because, well, what goes up must come down. Fashion always roller coasters, so the dropped hem was bound to come back.

In Pre-Fall, we saw more mid-length hems. But now we are seeing the EXTREME hems--all the way to da flo.

But at the same time, we have also been seeing an undeniable 50's comeback, mostly thanks to Marc Jacob's 100% 50's reinvention collection for Louis Vuitton last year.

Now we are seeing designers like Oscar de la Renta bringing back the crisp, clean, tailored look of the 50's.

Now, I have not purchased a floor length skirt and have not yet concocted a plan for how to make that work for me. I have an unpleasant feeling it might not work, considering my size, and that it will be extremely impractical. But I am not discounting it just yet. I will try anything once, and hey, I could end up finding some way to rock it.

I have, however, found my own way to wear mid-length skirts and kind of combine the lengthened hems with the 50's look. I bought one on a whim at Goodwill a while back and now I have about six of them. They are actually great for fall/winter because they are thick and woolen and very warm.

What I do is pair the longer skirt with a nice pair of heels and a cute little sweater. It's like 50's with a little twist. You get the longer hem, which is very classy, but you still have that cinched, 50's waste. It is actually a really elegant silhouette. And for all you shorties out there, like moi, it really lengthens your body.

This is another example of how I've worn my longer skirts. I kind of combined...geesh, I guess like 50's, 20's...and now? haha I'm not totally sure, but I really like all the fall colors of this outfit and the fact that the length of the skirt allows me to still wear skirts in colder weather.

My whole point about this is that there is ALWAYS an upside to a trend. You've just gotta put your own twist on it and make it work for you! Maybe in the end, there will only be a small trace of the original trend, and that's okay. As long as you're happy with it.

And other thing! I just have to give a shout out to my thrift stores because I got everything I'm wearing in both these pictures (besides the hat and the shoes) for probably under 40 bucks. You CAN look fabulous and score some awesome stuff without going bankrupt! :D

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  1. ADORE this post! I just bought about three flo length dresses so I'll let cha know how they work! <3