Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

I'm so excited that I am going to be riding my bike to work! Ok...granted, it's not a Vespa, I'm not in Rome...and I won't have Gregory Peck behind me. But still! It is going to be really fun. I'm getting a vintage Schwinn Catalina bicycle custom painted by my dad (pictures of said bike to be posted soon).

The great thing about living in Midtown Sacramento is that you can bike EVERYWHERE! And the great part about biking is...well, there isn't just one. Reason one: You look super cute when you're riding a cute bike. Reason two: It's a great way to exercise while you're getting around...annnnnd once again looking cute! Reason three: The environment loves bikes!


  1. Aww lucky!!! I love bike riding, and I wish I could do it all the time here... but I can only do so when I'm prepared for some serious sweating. :( Enjoy it for me!

  2. Je'taime. I'm picturing you looking super cute on your super cute bike...bellissima! Audrey would be proud.